Making progress

I’ve lived in Japan for 4 years and I’ve been so frustrated with how slowly my Japanese has been progressing. I thought for sure that I would be fluent by now. I am at the stage where I can cope pretty well with one on one conversations with friends, although keeping up in groups is a challenge. I mostly just listen with the occasional “uun sou desu ne,” unless someone calls on me, in which case I reply in as few words as possible and turn the conversation back onto someone else. It seems my lack of language confidence has turned me back into the socially inept teenager I once was :). Continue reading


“Me” time

“Me” time. It sounds so cliche and 21st century, 3rd world problems-esque.

Until today, it did not occur to me that I may be seriously lacking in complete, unadulterated, switched off, recuperation time. Now, I’m sure this is a common condition of, in my professional estimate, 99.99% of stay-at-home, and indeed, any variety of parent (if you know of any of the other .01% who feel as though they  are plenty rested, please let me know). According to this article, the average mother gets just over 15 minutes per day to relax, and that the majority of Mums go weeks without even a minute to relax.  Continue reading

And the Mama blogging begins

Well, here I am again, starting a new blog. I have previously blogged about travels and cooking; blogs that necessarily ceased when I stopped traveling (literally stopped halfway through our round-the-world trip: we find ourselves living in Japan), and when I stopped having so much time and motivation to cook interesting food (pretty much from the time we left for our round-the-world adventure). …continue reading