Kindness via umbrella

Today LA and I went out to meet a friend for lunch at an Oceania style cafe. Nice! Wellington standard flat white? yes please.

After our yummy lunch we shopped around a little. Unbeknownst to me, while we had wandered and chatted, wandered and chatted, the sky clouded over. By the time I left to take the train home, it had started to drizzle. Of course, unlike pretty much every one else who was out and about, I had failed to check the forecast and was without an umbrella as usual. Oh well, I thought, covering LA up in the ergobaby, we’ll be ‘right, it’s only a short train ride and walk home. I jumped on the next train and smiled thinking about the great catch up I’d had with my Japanese friend. I rewarded my overworked brain for all its hard work thinking in Japanese by having a little doze all the way home. By the time we got to our station, I suddenly realised it was pouring! Argh! Why do I always do this to myself…? I stood in the shelter of the train station, reprimanding myself for being a careless Mum and pondering what to do when a lady walked up to me. I assumed she, like the many other friendly strangers that approach us every time we are in public, was about to comment on LA’s cuteness, bright eyes and crazy hair. Instead, she thrust her umbrella into my hands saying she didn’t need it anymore, that it could be disposed of later if necessary, but please take it because you have a baby and you need to be careful, with the sweetest, caring smile on her face. She barely hung around to let me express my gratitude.

I walked home with a smile on my face mentally adding this to the long list of examples of “walk-the-extra-mile” kindness I have encountered from strangers while living as a clueless foreigner in Japan.

I love this place.




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