When Bubs is sick and Mama gets sicker 

Last week LA’s month-long sniffles turned into a terrible, hacking smoker’s cough. Now, I’m fairly certain that she hasn’t taken up a nasty smoking habit so instead of reprimanding her I finally decided to excuse ourselves from the day’s activities and took her to the Doctor after which we spent the day at home. That was on Thursday. Today is Tuesday, and we haven’t left the house since.  Continue reading


My thoughts on baby-led weaning

Breastfeeding on demand, baby-wearing, home-birth, co-sleeping (depending on your culture—in Japan this has always been the norm), no-cry sleep training method, baby-led yoga classes (ok I just made that one up), baby-led weaning (BLW). These are some of the many quasi-buzz words that enter our vocabulary in this era of modern parenting.  Continue reading

Ch-Ch-Ch Changes

It feels like the last month (LA’s 9th month earthside) has been a month of milestones.

In what now seems like a flash, my sedentary little peanut has morphed into a curious, adventurous crawling being. And it feels like it’s happened all in the last few weeks. In reality, she has been working on coordinating all the different muscle groups, strengthening them, and making connections in her brain for quite some time now, but the fruit of all that hard work has all at once come to the surface. Continue reading