Ch-Ch-Ch Changes

It feels like the last month (LA’s 9th month earthside) has been a month of milestones.

In what now seems like a flash, my sedentary little peanut has morphed into a curious, adventurous crawling being. And it feels like it’s happened all in the last few weeks. In reality, she has been working on coordinating all the different muscle groups, strengthening them, and making connections in her brain for quite some time now, but the fruit of all that hard work has all at once come to the surface.

All too quickly, the days of rocking her to sleep in my arms and endless cuddles have passed. Now, I am lucky to get 5 minutes before she starts squirming, eager to set off on her next destination around the house.

Part of me is like “this is exciting! What’s next?? Can’t wait!” and part of me is like “stoooop, too fast!” as my heart clambers to hold on to sweet lazy-baby-day memories and my iCloud storage becomes inundated with attempts to capture the big moments.

Growth is a funny thing, isn’t it? It is necessary, and it’s human nature to keep going forward. But there is also this huge, nostalgic part of our natures (mine, anyway) that feels a little sad when we move onto the bigger and greater. Anyway, enough with the emotional babble, here are some of the things little LA has been up to the last month or so:

  1. Crawling

When you think about it, this is the first BIG step of independence in one’s life. Next comes walking, running, bicycles and then…cars …or in our case Pasmo cards I guess. One day she was slowly edging her way to a forbidden object:

And just a week later, here she is confidently moving herself across the floor:

We haven’t quite gotten on to the baby-proofing yet, which means we are on high-security alert whenever she is awake. The days of letting her lie on the floor for 5 minutes while I go do something in another room are over. It is quite endearing the way she gently pats the floor like a cat before setting off, and stops every 2 or 3 strides to have a look around as if assessing the best strategy.

2. Cruising

Aw man, looks like the crawling stage might not last all that long! She is already up and taking a few tentative steps along the couch.


3. Sitting up

I guess this comes with crawling, but she can now get herself up to sitting position. The first night after she discovered this was a long one…she wouldn’t stay laid down in bed, and apparently can’t sleep sitting up…

What do you mean it’s time to sleep? Can’t you see this?? I can sit up!!

4. Separation anxiety 

While there is a weird sense of guilt I feel towards the object of LA’s anxiety when she starts to cry, this is an important sign of development. It is related to the understanding that objects remain even when you cannot see them, and the idea that she can actually be separated from her papa or I.

It is pretty cute when a person that is not AB or I picks her up for a cuddle, and she looks to me like “is this dude/dudette cool?”. After receiving an encouraging “it’s ok bubs, he/she is with me” smile, she is usually ok. But, on the odd occasion, she hasn’t been and her little lips curl into the cutest little frown and start to quiver. Aww baby. She has also begun the habit of bursting into tears when I enter the room after leaving her in the care of someone else for a little while.

Please don’t judge me for rushing to take a (blurry) photo before comforting her…it was cute.

5. Face-licking

Ok, so I have no idea if this is normal behaviour in a baby’s development, or just a strange obsession my baby has. Or, you know, maybe I have a particularly delicious face. But anytime I hold her facing me, she gives me the biggest mischievous grin, and then lunges at me with her tongue. Lovely. I also happen to be very ticklish around the neck/ear area, so I end up giggling, which makes her giggle and probably reinforces the behaviour. Sweet moments. :).

FullSizeRender 7


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