Family day: Musashi-Mizonokuchi

I love Mondays. One day we might end up having a normal working week, but for now AB and I are enjoying setting aside Monday for family time. These Mondays are adding up to a rich collection of memories of LA’s early days :).

This past Monday the hubby and I decided to make use of the not-yet-suffocatingly-hot weather and headed out for a walk. We ended up at Musashi-Mizonokuchi on the Nambu Line. Mizonokuchi is a place I usually overlook when heading out for the day as there are much bigger, more well-known baby-friendly places not too far away.

But after our visit on Monday, it might become a new go-to place when we need to get out of the house—especially with rainy season upon us and soaring temperatures and humidity to come after that.

Mizonokuchi is a useful shopping area with two Department Stores (OCTY and Marui Family) which between them host most of my budget-friendly favourites for clothes and gift-shopping: Uniqlo, GU, Mujirushi (無印良品) and Tokyu Hands. There are also many great options for food including a couple of cheap (at lunchtime anyway) buffet restaurants and a Cafe Du Monde if you need to satisfy your beignet cravings!

On the 8th floor of Marui Family can also be found one of the best baby play areas I’ve come across in a department store of far. This play area is a good big space targeted at younger babies, which is nice, because there is less risk of being accidentally trampled by excited toddlers (we’ve had a few close calls at other places). It is not super flash but it is perfect for non-movers, crawlers and early walkers. I have heard, however, that on weekends it is quite crowded and there are more kindergarteners running around. There is also a great baby changing/nursing room with plenty of space for changing, taking a break and feeding (complete with plush couches).



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