New article on SavvyTokyo: Being a Responsible Adult

I’m the person who neglects dental checkups until way overdue, resorts to using tissues in the bathroom because there is no toilet paper more often than I care to admit, and, puts off responsible but icky adult things such as getting health checks of the womanly variety.

So, I find it a little ironic that I found myself writing on the topic of cancer screening checks for SavvyTokyo. Maybe something about becoming a Mum that has jolted me into the world of adult responsibility. I’d like to let you all know that I only waited 2 weeks from receiving my cancer check coupons in the mail to biting the bullet and going for my checkup.

Anyway, here’s my most recent SavvyTokyo article. I have to say, I am quite enjoying getting paid to write. I’ve always loved writing so getting paid for it (well, writing other than legal contracts and business emails ;)) is kind of thrilling. It is the perfect job for bringing in a little extra income and keeping my brain ticking while I look after my favourite little person. Win-win-win.

Thank you to everyone who is encouraging me to make a real go of it! I’m starting out slowly, but will gradually seek more and more work as a freelance writer and editor (roughly in proportion to the amount of sleep bubs is allowing me at night :)).


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