Well, hello there!

On this website you will find my personal blog and my online writing portfolio.

Here you will find my thoughts about motherhood and life in general as I strive grow as a mother and a human being. I blog because I love to write, prefer my thoughts to be written in electronic ink than spinning around inside my head and look forward to revisiting my early days of motherhood when I am old and my nest empty. I also hope that my blog is helpful to my lovely readers, so will write about cool places to visit (mostly in Japan) with kids as I discover them, as well as other tidbits of motherhood wisdom I glean along the way. I don’t have a regular posting schedule, but I do post several times per month whenever the mood strikes and time allows.

As far as writing for money goes, I honestly love to research and write on any topic. However, particular interests include psychology, health, Christianity and family matters. I have a background in law and economics so have plenty of experience writing in those fields also.

So, who am I?

I’m Rosie, wife to a kind and goofy husband (AB, Husband), and, as of October, 13, 2015, Mum to a precious little princess (LA, Bubs).

We are New Zealanders living in Japan, just across the river from Tokyo. Living in a foreign country has been an adventure, one that has been completely rewritten since becoming a Mum. Gaikoku means foreign in Japanese, and foreigners are referred to as gaikokujin. Thus, I have claimed and am proudly flaunting my new status as a GaikokuMama! When I’m not writing or housewife-ing, I’m probably doing something with the amazing church community we have here in Tokyo, playing guitar, plotting beach vacations or watching Masterchef on TV while dreaming of delicious meals to cook for my family (and extra hours in my day with which to do so).

Please enjoy, make yourself at home and come back often!



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