Tokyo splash ponds

I’ve always loved summer and thought that this was a universal sentiment shared by most.

That is, until I moved to Japan and discovered that in some climates, summer brings with it a certain amount of dread. Continue reading


Family day: Showa Kinen Park

Right now, AB has Mondays off work. Which means, while everyone else is drudging their way through the Monday blues, we get to have an extra family day. It feels like an extra, just because it is a Monday, but in truth he works Saturdays instead. We spend it by sleeping. A lot. Even 6 month old LA is with the program; yesterday she took a 3 hour nap after breakfast. No complaints there; we made it a family 3 hour nap.

Then, after the sleeping, we take the chance to check out some cool places in Tokyo, minus the Saturday crowds. Continue reading