The kind of Mum I want to be: then and now

Like  most new expecting mothers, I imagine, I had pretty romantic hopes for a charmed existence as a stay-at-home-mum.

Partly due to the oftentimes opinionated and judgy parenting articles I gorged myself on during pregnancy, I had a long list of expectations for myself. If you knew me and my overly-developed competitive nature, you probably wouldn’t be surprised. Continue reading


Latte Graphic in Machida

If you live within the 23 wards of Tokyo, you may have had little reason to venture over to Machida, sometimes dubbed “mini Tokyo” (by “sometimes” I mean I call it that…). It is technically part of Tokyo prefecture, but is kind of out of the way and jammed between Sagamihara and Kawasaki cities in Kanagawa. Continue reading

My first article on SavvyTokyo: Pregnancy in Japan!

So…I’ve been a little MIA on the blog this week for several reasons. One is that LA has been sick so we are a bit more sleep deprived than usual and she has been a little more needy during the day. It’s so sad seeing her coughing and sweating and with runny nose gunk all over her face :(. I’m still claiming new mum status and my right to overreact to her every sniffle and cough…waaah poor girl. But, the little champion is still smiling so she’ll be ‘right!

Anyway, just wanted to share my first article as a contributor to SavvyTokyo! Please check it out  Continue reading

The effects of sleep deprivation in a new mum

When LA was 2 weeks old, she would regularly sleep 6 hours straight overnight. By the time she was 2 months, she was sleeping 12-13 hours overnight. Wow, that wasn’t so bad, I thought – she’s sleep trained already! Woop, woop! I was advised by several mum friends to keep the number of hours of sleep I was getting to myself, or else expect to illicit some less than favourable emotions from sleep-deprived new mamas around me.

Cue 4 month sleep regression. Continue reading

“Only in Japan”: Delivery Sushi (and almost everything else)

I enjoy having home-cooked meals for almost every meal; I like spending time in the kitchen as well as the satisfaction that comes from knowing that we are not ingesting preservatives, chemicals and unnecessary quantities of sodium and refined ingredients. I’ve mentioned before about my newly acquired interest in nutrition since becoming a mum, although I am definitely far, far away from being a health nut (this is definitely not meant in a disparaging sense – I admire health nuts!). That being said, there certainly are those days where it’s just nice to have the night off. Sometimes, I just don’t feel like cooking and instead my desire to cook is replaced by a craving for restaurant food of some description. Continue reading

She’s not a toy: having fun with baby reflexes

I guess most kids are familiar with the admonishment “it’s not a toy” after having fun toysonifying (new word!) an object that is meant for more serious matters. I’m sure I was.

I was smiling just now about my husband using that expression on me. Except that the object about which his faux admonishment was directed was not an object, but our baby. “She’s not a toy” he said as he watched me use her purely for my own entertainment, somewhat hypocritically with a smile on his face.  Continue reading

Magical brown bananas and our journey into solids

Becoming responsible for another human being can feel a little surreal. In fact, I sometimes still feel like the little kid sitting at the adults table at the big family Christmas party. I feel so mature beyond my years and chuffed to be here, but also a little bit like an imposter…and then I realize, oh wait, I am one of them old responsible people now! How on earth did that happen?

Anyway, one huge area for which we are responsible is providing physical sustenance for our babies. For the first 6 months of LA’s life, it was easy. We were blessed with problem-free breastfeeding from the get-go, so very little thought was involved in providing for her nutritional needs. Outings also required hardly any preparation: we just grabbed some nappies and wet wipes and out the door we went! Continue reading

My baby crab: on swimming class in Japan

Time and time again I’ve read articles and heard from more experienced mamas about the importance of playing and interacting with our young babies. Honestly, it’s a point on which I have felt a little lost because, until recently, our baby playtime has consisted of me waving various objects in front of LA’s face while she attempts to grab and stuff everything into her mouth, with the occasional song thrown in. Now, I’m sure that from Bubs’ perspective this is valuable playtime, but I found myself wondering if I was doing it “right” and if I could really consider that to be “proper” playtime, as silly as it sounds…first-time mum and all :). Continue reading

An unexpected blessing of motherhood: reconnecting with my late Mum

There is little in this world that can move me more than a smile from my baby girl. Even moreso, the sound of her laughter has the power to melt my heart in seconds, flip the grumpiest of moods on its head, and chase away my tiredness, the heaviness of which I could never have imagined before I came a mum. It is a sound I will pursue and protect for the rest of my life.

Today was a laughing kind of a day and my heart is full. After tucking the little girl up in bed, feeding her, reading to her, cuddling her, praying with her and laughing with her all the while, I find myself thinking, for the umpteenth time, “wow, so I guess this is how my mother felt about me.” The mother’s love that I have for my daughter, has become, for me, a point of connection with my own mother with whom I have not spoken in over two decades. Continue reading